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Inspired by the brotherhood at Ground Zero

Gear Up Foundation was born from the brotherhood and efforts of all those who served at Ground Zero . As a living tribute to those who died and continue to die, we bring people and nations together inspired by the brotherhood and dedication of firefighters. It is our goal to generate healing through this extraordinary brotherhood as our mission reaches out as a tribute to this gallantry. After years of serving those in need, we face a very different set of challenges and questions. Our mission has evolved to acknowledge and properly thank first responders who are ill as a result of their exposure to the toxic environment of Ground Zero. We proudly accept our position as Ambassadors of Goodwill reaching out with a positive message of love and caring after such a tragic event.

Mission & Vision

To Honor those who perished on 9/11/2001 and those who continue to suffer and die because of illnesses sustained at Ground Zero. To help first responders who were impacted by the events of 9/11 cope and heal, by involving them in Gear Up Foundation’s programs. To act as ambassadors of goodwill, exemplified by the passion, bravery, and brotherhood of firefighters, as we provide fire fighting equipment, gear, and training to departments in need worldwide bringing our world together because of the attacks on 9/11 rather than tearing us apart as the terrorists had dreamed.





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